MySQL Cluster gets a Community Award

It was with pride I entered the stage at the Percona MySQL Conference yesterday to receive the “Storage Engine of the Year 2013 award” for ndb (the MySQL Cluster storage engine). ┬áThank you very much, on behalf of myself and the MySQL Cluster engineering team. The team has done a great work over the past 10 years to harden the product, and add new features. MySQL Cluster milestone 7.3.2 was just released. It will be my pleasure to present the “trophy” some members of the team when I get back to Stockholm. Please see a previous post for how the MySQL Cluster journey began for myself and the ndb team 10 years ago.

One thought on “MySQL Cluster gets a Community Award

  1. Whilst I applaud the intent behind the new MySQL Cluster auto-installer, it really is a good idea, the implementation of the concept needs to be refined. I am sure that it works fine in an Linux environment but unfortunately it doesn’t do the same for Windows. I have tried it on various platforms at home including XP Pro, 7, Server 2008 and Server 2012 and is fails lamentably on all, mainly I understand to windows targets but I suspect that is not the only reason. Problems affect both the commercial and GPL versions

    Even worse though is that through all the searches I have done there is no feedback anywhere in this issue. Perhaps someone would care to update the community. Either here or somewhere else.

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