Develop By Example – New MySQL Document Store Series

Examples are a great way to learn new things. As many of you may or may not know we’ve added some new things to MySQL Server 5.7.12  and the ecosystem around it, extending it  to allow you to use the MySQL as a Document Store. Meeting the challenge meant expanding Developer Interfaces and Database tools.

  • Addressing information with a both classic and modern data architectures
  • For all types of data – structured, semi, and unstructured
  • Empowering developers – Simpler, Faster, Flexible
  • Leveraging latest NoSQL oriented tools/methods – JavaScript, Node.js, JSON, CRUD, Methods chaining, and more

From the developer side the MySQL Document Store new APIs by introducing a JSON/Document Store oriented called the MySQL X DevAPI. This programming API provides the option for accessing MySQL; and its design unifies JSON document and table access; and it includes SQL support as well. Since the API features a popular fluent interface style, you will be able to use a NoSQL-like syntax to execute Create, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD) operations against these documents.

This new API is provided to developers in our latest MySQL Connectors. As again as learning by example is often the best way to get started with new things we’re also providing an example application we’re calling Movie Review to show you how it’s used in real applications with use cases that likely map to how you’d want to develop.

As there are a range of languages supported by the MySQL Connectors and Drivers – New Connector/Node.js as well as connectors for Java, Python, .NET, C, C++, and PHP – we plan to do Movie Review examples applications across the various languages.
Were calling our new example application – Movie Review – and as you might have guessed it revolves around developing web applications that allows users to review movies via a simple application that demonstrates the usage of the new features available in the X Dev API and connectors.

We will have 2 user types within the application – users and administrators.

The users can:

  • Search for a movie to view its description and any existing reviews
  • Review a movie
  • Update or delete a review they have written

The administrators can:

  • See the movies to view its description and any existing reviews
  • Upload new information to the database manually or from a JSON file
  • View the current data in the collections to edit it or delete it
  • View some simple reports.

With these use cases we hope to quickly and simply take you through the key development concepts quickly using CRUD type programming.

The Document Store Data Model

Since the application will be kept simple, we’re also including simple document store database you can easy load. It includes four collections: Actors, Movies, Reviews, and Users. It comes with the entire example data loaded that you’ll need as well. This will help to teach you some of the basics of document store style modeling.

We’ll provide the steps to install, etc in the example blogs and have you up and running and developing with MySQL Document Store in no time.

See you in the next blog post – where we get into the Movie Review application written with Node.js.

Announcing MySQL Connector/J 6.0

We are pleased to announce the first release of MySQL Connector/J 6.0! This is a new branch of development, which breaks from some of the traditions of the very stable and very mature Connector/J 5.1 branch. We have combed through lots of code and refactored it in order to support development of future features including our X DevAPI implementation and support for X Protocol. This work manifests in a number of visible changes, including revising the growing set of connection and build properties.

Beginning with Connector/J 6.0, we are moving away from having one jar that supports all versions of Java. Instead we are building one jar/package for every supported version of Java. This simplifies the build process as well as lots of code that was required to support many versions of Java. The current package is built for Java 8.

Note that Connector/J 6.0.2 is a milestone release and not intended for production usage.

All changes are documented in the MySQL Connector/J 6.0 Developer Guide.

Updates to connection properties, including removal of several options that are no longer needed with the latest versions of MySQL and Java. Additionally, we removed some legacy behavioral options. You can see the changes in the documentation:
Connector/J 6.0 Changes in Connection Properties

If you are building from source or running the test suite, check the following:
Connector/J 6.0 Changes for Build Properties
Connector/J 6.0 Changes for Test Properties

Finally, API changes and package reorganizations are documented at:
Changes in the Connector/J API

Release notes are available at Changes in MySQL Connector/J 6.0.2 (2016-04-11, Milestone 1).

MySQL Connector/Net 7.0.2 has been released

Dear MySQL users,

MySQL Connector/Net 7.0.2 M1 is the first development release that adds support for the new X DevAPI.  The X DevAPI enables application developers to write code that combines the strengths of the relational and document models using a modern, NoSQL-like syntax that does not assume previous experience writing traditional SQL.

To learn more about how to write applications using the X DevAPI, see this User Guide. For more information about how the X DevAPI is implemented in Connector/Net, please check the official product documentation.

Also note that the X DevAPI requires at least MySQL Server version 5.7.12 or higher with the X Plugin enabled. For general documentation about how to get started using MySQL as a document store, see this chapter at the reference manual.

Changes in MySQL Connector/Net 7.0.2 (2016-04-11, Milestone 1)

Functionality Added

  • Added support for the new X DevAPI

Nuget packages are available at:

We love to hear your thoughts or any comments you have about our product. Please send us your feedback at our forums, fill a bug at our community site, or leave us any comment at the social media channels.

Enjoy and thanks for the support!

On behalf of the MySQL Connector/Net Team