Working with result sets in Connector/Node.js

MySQL 8.0 and the Document Store highlight brand new client tools such as theĀ Shell and Connector/Node.js, both providing a JavaScript implementation of the X DevAPI. Although, for most cases, the public interface tends to be similar on both (barring some small details), there is one notable exception.

The way you handle result sets in a Node.js app using Connector/Node.js is a bit different from the way you do it using an interactive session or a non-interactive JS script in the Shell.

Executing an operation in the MySQL server using the Shell is a purely synchronous task from the user standpoint since the underlying code is C++ (multi-threaded) whereas, due to the way Node.js works (single-threaded with event loop), an application that uses Connector/Node.js has to do the same by resorting to some asynchronous construct.

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