The MySQL Man Pages ARE Available under the GPL

Due to a bug in our release packaging scripts, the wrong version of the man pages, with the wrong license text, were copied into the MySQL Server GPL packages. The MySQL Man Pages continue to be available under GPL. The MySQL Server GPL packages will be corrected ASAP. You can read and follow the public bug here.

We apologize for the confusion this has caused. As always, please feel free to contact us, to ask about changes that you are wondering about.  Reporting a bug is always a good way to communicate with us.

Have a Happy GPL Midsummer, Tomas

2 thoughts on “The MySQL Man Pages ARE Available under the GPL

  1. Not really a “blip,” it’s like saying the documentation to a product you once relied upon is now no longer freely available. Taken to the extreme, it’s as if someone just raised the price on a product you like. All that said, they did fix it and the damage control was swift, so the harm here is pretty minimal.

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