Welcome to Slack!

Open source is at the foundation of MySQL and the biggest and best part of open source is the legion of developers and users who use and contribute to our great product.  It has always been of incredible importance to us to interact with our friends in MySQL space and one of the great ways of doing that is via IRC (Internet Relay Chat) on #freenode.  While that still remains a great option many other systems have been developed that offer other advantages.  One of those is slack.

We wanted to create a slack space where our users could hang out, help each other, and interact with MySQL developers.  We’re in no way wanting to replace IRC but just wanting to make it even easier to solve your MySQL problems and learn about the many great things we are working on.

Head on over to http://mysqlcommunity.slack.com to join in on the fun!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Slack!

  1. Is this exclusively for existing commercial Slack customers or Oracle staff? When I try to access, I’m only allowed to register with an email address ending with @oracle.com. I don’t have an existing Slack account, and don’t seem to be able to create one using my personal email address.

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